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03 04 19: We just received an AIA Triangle Merit Award for Church on Morgan!

04 14 19: We just swept the housing awards at the AIA South Atlantic Regional Design Awards, receiving three Honor Awards for the Corbett Residence, the Ocotea Renovation, and The Ten at South Person!

04 25 19: Erin and Matt served on two-days of fifth-year juries at Mississippi State University.

06 10 19: The NCMA Museum Park Visitor Center is out for bids!

06 21 19: We are kicking off a monthly event at our office called Friday Morning Serial. Our first guest speaker is Dr. Adam Terando.  Please join us!

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1229 Courtland Drive

Raleigh, NC | 1923 | 1,475 sf

"One place understood helps us understand all places better." - Eudora Welty

It is an honor to live in a home in the Mordecai Community that is over 90 years old! The house is nestled within a 50' x 150' lot, aligned with dozens of other bungalows along our street. The homes are in close proximity to one another, creating a strong sense of community and an enjoyable density for a neighborhood just north of downtown Raleigh. Having served on the Raleigh Historic Development Commission for 2 years with continued involvement in the Design Review Advisory Committee, historic structures quickly became naturally appealing to me.

What started as a "do-it-yourself" re-roofing job in December 2011, quickly turned into the realization of interior renovations that fit the master plan for our home. Giving the well deserved care and attention to our home became addictive! Our original plan was to add square footage by building a second story on top of a rear addition made to the house in 2002. Knowing there were a number of issues needing attention in the original 800 square foot home, we decided to focus the renovation on the original bungalow footprint, which had been somewhat lost over decades of renovations. The first exercise was to study the house and determine its original layout. Once this was documented, the next task was to figure out how the house could be minimally altered to better suit our lifestyle. We desired to have a well-connected living, dining, and kitchen space, which could thereby create a clear division between public and private spaces. The threshold between these two spaces is now 30 inch wide bank of closets - something people didn't seem to need much of 90 years ago! Another important element to the renovation is the infamous budget - even in an architect's home, budget greatly informs choices made. We have been extremely fortunate to have done the majority of the work internally - my husband Grant of Axiom Greenbuild, brother-in-law Matt, and father-in-law, Bill - many many thanks to them!

Eudora Welty's quote about place perfectly summarizes my experiences with architecture, now more than ever.

To learn more about Erin's house, contact her here.