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12 05 16: Matt is on final juries at UNC Charlotte, reviewing work from Marc Manack's studio.

11 10 16: We just won four 2016 AIA NC Design Awards, including an Honor Award for the Corbett Residence!

10 25 16: Matt will present the 2016 AIA East Tennessee Design Awards as jury chair!

10 08 16: The Ten at South Person will be on this year's AIA Triangle Tour of Residential Architecture!

09 07 16: The Ten at South Person and Church on Morgan have both won 2016 City of Raleigh Sir Walter Raleigh Awards!

07 21 16: We just won 2nd and 3rd place jury prizes in the 2016 George Matsumoto Prize for the Corbett and Medlin Residences!

05 03 16: Matt will be on juries at the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture and Community Design Center!

04 23 16: Erin will present the 2016 AIA Memphis Design Awards as jury chair!

04 13 16: Erin and Matt presented the firm's work to AIA Asheville.

03 19 16: Erin was on a panel of activist architecture firms for the 2016 Structures for Inclusion conference.

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Mobile School for Burmese Refugees

Thailand | 2011

with Matt Weiss and David Hill AIA

Burma is responsible for more refugees and migrants than any other country, and Burmese refugees living in Thailand are limited to leasing property. At any moment, Thai landlords can break their leases with these refugees, forcing them to leave the land and the structures they have built. To combat this reality, Building Trust International sponsored a competition for the design of a mobile school that can be relocated at a landlord's whim.

Our design is made of a series of collapsable frames that can be easily demounted and rearranged to accommodate a change of location or growth in a community. The school can be erected in one day in a collaborative effort, with twelve people assembling the frames and small groups cutting and weaving bamboo on site. The school provides a center for the community and claims territory for sustaining the community's future.

Our submission won an Honourable Mention. To learn more about the concepts and construction details of this project, contact us here.