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03 04 19:  We just received an AIA Triangle Merit Award for Church on Morgan!

04 14 19:  We just swept the housing awards at the AIA South Atlantic Regional Design Awards, receiving three Honor Awards for the Corbett Residence, the Ocotea Renovation, and The Ten at South Person!

04 25 19:  Erin and Matt served on two-days of fifth-year juries at Mississippi State University.

06 10 19:  The NCMA Museum Park Visitor Center is out for bids!

06 21 19:  We are kicking off a monthly event at our office called Friday Morning Serial. Our first guest speaker is Dr. Adam Terando.  Please join us!

09 26 19:  Matt will be delivering a keynote talk at the 2019 AIA Iowa Convention!

10 11 19:  We just received an AIA NC 2019 Merit Award for the Kimball Residence, and Erin was awarded the 2019 AIA NC William H. Deitrick Service Medal!

10 18 19:  We are having our fourth Friday Morning Serial.  This month's speaker is photographer Art Howard.  Please join us!

10 26 19: The Kimball Residence and Stimmel Residence will be on this year's AIA Triangle Tour of Residential Architecture. Get your tickets here.

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September 2019

Well, somehow September is over and it is still summer! We've have a bunch of extracurricular fun to announce this month - check it out below!


in situ studio is nine!

in situ studio turns 9 today!!! As we reflect on the life of our studio, we’re filled with nothing but gratitude for all of the wonderful clients who have trusted us with designing their projects, the amazing contractors and builders who have executed the work with such high attention to detail, and the city that has been such a wonderful host to us as we sit in our cave and do what we love all day. Come by this week and celebrate with us as we enter our 10th year of life. We'll have a cold beer waiting for you!


AIA Triangle Tour of Residential Architecture

The tenth annual AIA Triangle Tour of Residential Architecture is this month! We are thrilled to have two houses on this year’s tour - the Kimball and Stimmel Residences. Also on the tour this year are two houses by The Raleigh Architecture Company and projects by Louis Cherry ArchitectureSOMOSWeinstein Friedlein Architects, and The tour date this year is October 26th. Get your tickets here!

AIA Iowa Convention
Last week, Matt had the honor of being keynote speaker at the AIA Iowa 2019 Convention in Des Moines, sponsored by Iowa State University. The trip to Iowa, Matt’s first, was a blast! Paul Mankins of Substance Architecture and Jason Devries of Invision Architecture were very generous with their time, offering personal tours of local architecture by Saarinen, Mies, Chipperfield, Pei, Piano, Bunschaft, and Weese. Over 400 people came to the talk, and Deborah Hauptmann, Chair of the Architecture Department at Iowa State University, offered an incredibly kind introduction. If you ever have a chance to visit Des Moines, go! It is a beautiful city, on a river, with a cooler climate than North Carolina, great art, amazing architecture, great restaurants, beautiful neighborhoods, and really nice people!

Progress at House BC

Foundations are complete and it's time to go vertical at House BC! Steel framing and the floor system are underway, and the spaces we have envisioned with our clients for the last year are about to materialize. This is one of the best parts of the job! We can't wait to walk through the entry space, cross the catwalk, and hangout on the roof deck! Special thanks to Kemp Harris for his great efforts to bring the house to life.


Friday Morning Serial!

We will be picking back up with Friday Morning Serial at 8am on October 18th in our officeArt Howard will be discussing documentation of the Haiti reforestation project. Art is a photographer, videographer, and the owner of ARTWORK, Inc. He has spent his career traveling the world, and continues to explore and investigate - educating us about the far reaches of our world. Invite a friend and come for a great talk, great coffee, and a bowl of your favorite cereal! We hope to see you there! Photos by Art Howard.


Song(s) of the Month - Tiny Desk Concert

This month’s selections deviate from the typical formula for SOTM and are actually mini concerts courtesy of NRP’s Tiny Desk series. There is a saying in design: if you can’t make it good, make it big, and if you can’t make it big, paint it red. Luckily our first selection is big, yellow, and good! Big Bird and the crew from Sesame Street visit the Tiny Desk for some family friendly joy.  The second selection is from The Tallest Man on Earthwho who looks like a mashup of Jake and Zach in our office. Sit back and enjoy, from one desk to another!

Please contact us if there is any way we can help you. 


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