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12 05 16: Matt is on final juries at UNC Charlotte, reviewing work from Marc Manack's studio.

11 10 16: We just won four 2016 AIA NC Design Awards, including an Honor Award for the Corbett Residence!

10 25 16: Matt will present the 2016 AIA East Tennessee Design Awards as jury chair!

10 08 16: The Ten at South Person will be on this year's AIA Triangle Tour of Residential Architecture!

09 07 16: The Ten at South Person and Church on Morgan have both won 2016 City of Raleigh Sir Walter Raleigh Awards!

07 21 16: We just won 2nd and 3rd place jury prizes in the 2016 George Matsumoto Prize for the Corbett and Medlin Residences!

05 03 16: Matt will be on juries at the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture and Community Design Center!

04 23 16: Erin will present the 2016 AIA Memphis Design Awards as jury chair!

04 13 16: Erin and Matt presented the firm's work to AIA Asheville.

03 19 16: Erin was on a panel of activist architecture firms for the 2016 Structures for Inclusion conference.

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March 2011

Greetings from in situ studio!

A lot has happened over the past month. We are now settled into our new office space and invite you to drop by anytime. Nicole, our first intern, has had a huge positive impact on our daily efforts, helping us with design, renderings, and marketing. We are continuing work on several very exciting projects with clients all over the Triangle.  Updates on some of these are provided below.

We are continually thankful for the many friends, colleagues, and clients who have offered their support over the past five months. Please stay in touch!

New Office Space

We have a new studio space! Here's the address:

in situ studio
218 Snow Avenue
Raleigh, NC  27603

Our First Intern

Nicole Alvarez has been with us for almost four weeks now. She has made a huge positive impact! So far, she has helped us with some critical design decisions, produced digital models of two of our projects, and revolutionized our marketing campaign. You can find her bio here.

Stokes Residence

We are nearing completion of a major renovation to a mid-century ranch in Cameron Village.  The initial stage of the design process was a master plan for the property that included a complete interior renovation with a new kitchen and bathrooms, new landscaping, a front stoop, and a new screened porch.  After receiving estimates from contractors, the owner elected to proceed with the majority of the work, omitting only the screened porch.

Highlights of the new space are the removal of all walls separating the living dining and kitchen areas and two large skylights in the new combined space.  We are also replacing all of the windows and substantially improving the insulation throughout the envelope of the house.  Learn more here.

David Ballard is building the project and has been a pleasure to work with.  Thanks to Hilary Stokes for making our first completed project possible!

Goodman Residence

We are pushing forward on the design of the Goodman Residence in north Raleigh.  This is a very exciting project!

The house is sited on a wooded hillside, above a creek.  The slope of the site tilts towards the north, allowing the roof to both open to the southern exposure and follow the slope of the land.  The result is a low-profile structure that recedes visually into the site.  3'-6" eave overhangs on all exposures shelter the home year-round from wind, rain, and sun.

Construction is of pre-cast concrete panels and wood framing.  Ideal Precast of Durham is making the panels, which provide R45 insulation when combined with an interior stud wall.  The panels are also structural and sufficient to withstand moisture penetration.  The interior of the house is very open and features a large, central "bar" of millwork that contains many of the support functions.  The owner, who is an expert millwork maker, will be building this key design element.  See more images of our design process here.

We have been collaborating productively with Anchorage Building Corporation of Chapel Hill to design the details, with the aim being to closely approximate the Passivhaus standard.  Thanks to Jim and Berta Goodman for this opportunity!

Cox Sood Residence

We are also well underway with a major renovation and addition to a Deck House in Chapel Hill.  The design includes renovation of all interior spaces, lifting the living room roof, and the addition of a large master bedroom suite, a new deck, and a screened porch.  Large expanses of north-facing glass will allow natural light to pervade the interior of both existing and new spaces.  Existing mechanical systems will be replaced to increase energy efficiency.

Working in our Community

We have recently had the opportunity to be involved with several exciting initiatives in and around downtown Raleigh.  We just completed a four-week charrette process with Exploris Middle School to aid seventh graders there in designing bus benches for a nearby site.  Their work was amazing!  We have also been working with Raleigh City Farm to begin the visioning process for their proposed site in downtown Raleigh.  And, we were recently contacted by the NC Solar Center about the assisting them with the renovation of the NCSU Solar House in preparation for the 2011 National Solar Conference, which will be in Raleigh.  As architects, we enjoy the wide range of ways we can help our community!  Learn more here.

Please contact us if there is anyway we can help you. Thanks for your continued support!


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