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12 05 16: Matt is on final juries at UNC Charlotte, reviewing work from Marc Manack's studio.

11 10 16: We just won four 2016 AIA NC Design Awards, including an Honor Award for the Corbett Residence!

10 25 16: Matt will present the 2016 AIA East Tennessee Design Awards as jury chair!

10 08 16: The Ten at South Person will be on this year's AIA Triangle Tour of Residential Architecture!

09 07 16: The Ten at South Person and Church on Morgan have both won 2016 City of Raleigh Sir Walter Raleigh Awards!

07 21 16: We just won 2nd and 3rd place jury prizes in the 2016 George Matsumoto Prize for the Corbett and Medlin Residences!

05 03 16: Matt will be on juries at the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture and Community Design Center!

04 23 16: Erin will present the 2016 AIA Memphis Design Awards as jury chair!

04 13 16: Erin and Matt presented the firm's work to AIA Asheville.

03 19 16: Erin was on a panel of activist architecture firms for the 2016 Structures for Inclusion conference.

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September 2011

Greetings from in situ studio!

Our one year anniversary is right around the corner! To celebrate, we will be hosting a First Friday event. Look for an invite in the next couple of weeks. 

Our August was very busy with site visits to four houses we currently have under construction. Construction on three other projects is about to begin, and we have started design on several more. Thanks to our clients for making this first year such a success!

And, thanks to you for your continuing support!

NCBG Plant Sale Shade Structure

We have started work on a Plant Sale Shade Structure at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. This is a small-scale, fast-paced project that will be constructed primarily by the NCBG staff. The plant sale site adjacent to the gift shop is currently scorched by full southern and western sun exposure, which would harm plants. Our design alleviates this condition. The Shade Structure's lath system varies in density to mimic the light quality of a natural understory, providing a range of 40% shade at the south end to 15-20% shade at the north, with indirect light bouncing off the existing stair tower wall to the north.

The lath surface folds down the west side of the structure to mitigate the harshest afternoon sun. A few key site parameters informed the design: providing a space to sell plants, mitigating direct light while maximizing photosynthesis, allowing for the flow of major circulation paths, reusing rainwater and draining it properly, screening the view of the plant sale from the conference room to the south, and accommodating existing plant display tables and the gift shop. Our effort has been a true collaboration, with the staff's advice directly informing our design decisions. Learn more about this project here.

Project Updates

Several of our projects are under construction and progressing steadily. The footings for the Goodman Residence are already prepared, and we can sense the scale of the house while walking around the site. The precast concrete panel walls are being fabricated now. Once installed, they will become the armature for framing the roof. Panel set is scheduled for 09 08 11. At the Cox Sood Residence, the new raised roof has dramatically changed the living area, bringing in more light and expanding the space. The concrete base of the addition is ready to accept the steel superstructure. The steel at the Graham Pobiner Residence is already in place for the projecting deck and carport, and framing is moving forward at a brisk pace. There's a second level now! The Chasen Residence should start construction in the next month. We are excited to be teaming up with our office-mates, Axiom Green Build, to realize this house on East Hargett Street in downtown Raleigh. Thanks to our clients for these amazing opportunities and to Redfoot and WeberAnchorage Building Corporation, and Ballard Construction for a collaborative construction process realizing every detail of our designs. 

We have new renderings of the Chasen Residence and an animation of the Goodman Residence, thanks to the crew at deprocess. With expert skills in all things digital, deprocess creates outstanding renderings for firms in need of a digital representation boost. They are also a resource of design tools, from downloads to tutorials. And they do this with full time jobs on the side! Thanks Will, Jody, Andy, and Ricky! 

Book of the Month

This month we are highlighting Low Impact Development: A Design Manual for Urban Areas by the University of Arkansas's Community Design Center, where Matt worked in 2004. The book illustrates "ecologically-based stormwater management" with clear diagrams that educate the reader about natural processes of absorbing and filtering water in place before developing a site. Covering everything from roofing and paving materials to residential and public space designs, LID is a book we reference often when planning new projects. Is this book in your collection? Do you know of one that is related? Reply and let us know.

Detail of the Month

Working In Our Community

This summer the Raleigh Chapter of Architecture for Humanity held a design competition for bike racks in downtown Raleigh. Congrats to the winners. We're looking forward to seeing all the entries displayed for First Friday and Spark Con at the Urban Design Center.  For our submission we teamed up with Matt Tomasulo of CityFabric; see our competition boards here.

Classes have resumed at NC State University's College of Design. Matt and Wayne Place are co-teaching a graduate studio titled Architecture Design: Technology. Matt is looking forward to collaborating with Wayne, who is an expert in structures, energy systems, and daylighting. Learn more about the School of Architecture here.

The Exploris Middle School Bus Bench fabrication is almost complete. We are grateful to be collaborating with Christian Karkow of Clearscapes, Sara Glee Queen, and Sophia Ann Williams of the NCSU Crafts Center to realize the design of the winning team of 7th graders. Look for images of the completed bench in next month's newsletter!

Yesterday's YAF Mentoring Program kickoff was a huge success. All of in situ studio is participating, with Erin as the YAF Director, Matt as an architect mentor, and Nicole as an intern mentor. We're looking forward to getting to know the students in our groups this semester. Also yesterday, we celebrated the end to an outstandingly successful Kickstarter Project for CityFabric. You can see the final stats here. Congrats!

Please contact us if there is anyway we can help you. 


in situ studio

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