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03 04 19:  We just received an AIA Triangle Merit Award for Church on Morgan!

04 14 19:  We just swept the housing awards at the AIA South Atlantic Regional Design Awards, receiving three Honor Awards for the Corbett Residence, the Ocotea Renovation, and The Ten at South Person!

04 25 19:  Erin and Matt served on two-days of fifth-year juries at Mississippi State University.

06 10 19:  The NCMA Museum Park Visitor Center is out for bids!

06 21 19:  We are kicking off a monthly event at our office called Friday Morning Serial. Our first guest speaker is Dr. Adam Terando.  Please join us!

09 26 19:  Matt will be delivering a keynote talk at the 2019 AIA Iowa Convention!

10 11 19:  We just received an AIA NC 2019 Merit Award for the Kimball Residence, and Erin was awarded the 2019 AIA NC William H. Deitrick Service Medal!

10 18 19:  We are having our fourth Friday Morning Serial.  This month's speaker is photographer Art Howard.  Please join us!

10 26 19: The Kimball Residence and Stimmel Residence will be on this year's AIA Triangle Tour of Residential Architecture. Get your tickets here.

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August 2019

Greetings from in situ studio! Its been quite a month - check out what we've been up to below!

new in situans

We have two awesome new in situans,Vincent Calabro and Natalie Williams.
Vincent grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland where he spent his youth eating his mother’s delicious Italian food, helping his father out on various construction projects, and riding his bike in circles with his brothers and friends. He went on to the University of Cincinnati to receive his Bachelor of Science in Architecture, graduating magna cum laude, and then to Yale for his Master of Architecture, where he won the Alpha Rho Chi Medal. Along the way, he spent time in New York, Laguna Beach, Copenhagen, Philadelphia, Rome, Chicago, and San Francisco.

In 2013 Vincent joined Studio Gang where he served in a key role on many of the Studio’s large-scale projects, including significant contributions to the design and construction administration of the University of Chicago Campus North Residential Commons and design for the California College of the Arts Unified Campus

Outside of the office Vincent has continued research into the intersection of technology, nature, and design and their impact on society and culture. He is the co-author of an article on finance and architecture with Alejandro Zaera-Polo in Perspecta 47: Money and presented at the Corporeal Texture conference at the University of Cincinnati. In 2015 he co-founded the design collective Office of Things

Recently Vincent relocated to Durham where he is still raving about his mother’s cooking, relishing any opportunity to create, and riding his bike (less in circles this time) on the streets of the Triangle.

Natalie grew up in Greensboro, NC and is currently a student in the B. Arch program at NC State College of Design, where she graduated summa cum laude from the BEDA program. During her undergrad, she was involved in AIAS, was a Design Ambassador, got to study abroad in Prague, and won the Shawcroft drawing competition in 2017. In her free time she enjoys other forms of design and making, including drawing, painting, and embroidery.  One of her favorite projects from school is a conceptual pavilion for the NCMA. For the model, she wove paper around wooden dowels to create a modular canopy, intended to give a light-filled, textile quality to the pavilion.

The Fall Semester

The fall semester is underway at the NCSU College of Design! Brittany and new in situan, Natalie, are back at it in the fifth-year program under the tutelage of Susan Cannon of Cannon Architects. Their project this semester will be a craft center located at the intersection of Peace and West streets. Our other new in situan, Vince, is teaching first year design students with Sara Queen in D104! Zach is teaching the sophomore form studio, ARC 201, with Patrick Hobgood of Hobgood Architects, and Matt is teaching graduate students in ARC 405, the third semester track three technology studio. Stay tuned for updates on great student work later in the semester!


Crane Fly

Work continued this summer in Duke Forest with exterior framing and concrete work coming to a close! It has been a difficult, yet rewarding process working through a series of unusual trades. Resting on an all-steel frame, the roof is composed of cross-laminated timber panels from Smartlam that provide broad overhangs to protect from the elements. The two fireplace chimneys are made from a manipulated concrete mix that references back to our clients time around rammed earth in New Mexico! Special thanks to Durham Potter for the attention to detail, and to Mark Siver and his team at MJW on the exquisite concrete work. Next up - building systems, windows, and stone work - stay tuned!

An Excessively Brief Overview of our Recent Taco and Burrito Habits

It’s rare for a day to go by at in situ headquarters without one or more of our staff taking advantage of the sneakily good taco + burrito scene in Raleigh. Our dBPA (daily Burritos Per Architect) ratio is one of the highest in the city, and possibly the state. In an homage to our ongoing love affair with the most important food group, we’d like to highlight a few of our favorites around Raleigh. 

Baja Burrito deserves the first mention for the shear number of times we’ve ordered their fish burritos. Featuring one of the tastiest hot sauces known to man, this California style burrito joint has been serving Raleigh from the Mission Valley shopping center since 1995.

Don Beto el Poblano has been the subject of the in situ newsletter once before, and may be the true office favorite for authentic  tacos. There is no bad choice, but the chicken taco at this taco truck on Capital Boulevard will have you justifying multiple trips a day, which Don Beto supports by offering amazing breakfast tacos!

Taqueria El Toro is a another contender for the best authentic tacos in Raleigh, and features an incredible self-serve toppings bar. Located off of Tryon Rd. and 401, this taqueria is paired with El Toro Supermarket for restocking your home taco stations. 

Gringo A Go Go is a short walk from our office, making it a favorite for celebratory lunches and hosting visitors to the office. The eclectic interior decorations and ever-changing combination of plants and sculptures on the exterior always leave us entertained and enjoying ourselves. And, margaritas!

Honorable Mentions - Guasaca serves up delicious Arepas, and has recently opened a location along Hillsborough St. Centro’s menu goes far beyond tacos and burritos, and is definitely the classiest mention on this list. El Paseo is an unassuming Salvadoran restaurant with an incredible menu. Try the Platanos Fritos!

Our professional mission is to discover more and better tacos as often as possible. Send us your favorites!

Book of the Month

This month's BOTM is El croquis N. 196 [II] featuring the work of TEd’A arquitectes, a Spanish firm directed by Irene Pérez Piferrer + Jaume Mayol Amengual. It features their work between 2010 - 2018 and highlights their exceptional use of material to create spectacular and fun spaces. Get your copy here!

Please contact us if there is any way we can help you. 


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