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03 04 19: We just received an AIA Triangle Merit Award for Church on Morgan!

04 14 19: We just swept the housing awards at the AIA South Atlantic Regional Design Awards, receiving three Honor Awards for the Corbett Residence, the Ocotea Renovation, and The Ten at South Person!

04 25 19: Erin and Matt served on two-days of fifth-year juries at Mississippi State University.

06 10 19: The NCMA Museum Park Visitor Center is out for bids!

06 21 19: We are kicking off a monthly event at our office called Friday Morning Serial. Our first guest speaker is Dr. Adam Terando.  Please join us!

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July 2018

Greetings from in situ studio! This month we're excited to be seeing the fruit of hard work, including increased fitness from a new office tradition - hourly planks, push-ups, and wall squats. This month, we're introducing a new section to the newsletter, nc Unsung, which will feature some of our favorite obscure spots around the State. Check it out below!


Heywick House

We have started work on a house with amazing clients in Chapel Hill who recently relocated from New York City. Their new home will be located in a pine forest between several neighborhoods of varied character. Beyond functional concerns, our top priority has been siting the home to balance the need for privacy with the desires for creating good connections to the landscape and admitting as much natural light as possible. The single story design features broad overhangs, a glass hall that connects two sleeping areas, and a simple garden space that protrudes into the public wing, emphasizing a connection between the indoors and outdoors. We are aiming for an early 2019 construction start, so stay tuned!

House B.C.

We have begun work on a new ground-up house in East Raleigh with a wonderful young family who are recent transplants to Raleigh. With past experience living in Washington D.C. and New York, a major part of their lives has been spent on elevated rooftop spaces! The home we are working on together promotes outdoor living by intermingling interior and exterior space, filtering natural light through multiple layers of enclosure, and culminating with a large roof deck that overlooks downtown Raleigh! It has been such a joy getting to know them and help design their "forever home." More very soon!


The HUUS is in the final stages of construction, with move-in about a month away! It has been a rewarding journey from beginning to end with fantastic clients who always push ideas and pass along great wine and chocolate! Special thanks to Nathan at SEPDC, Stefan at Xylem Inc.Tactile Workshop, and the team at Bland Landscaping for the hard work as we enter the final stretch. Completed photos to come later this year!


Album of the Month

We are were thrilled earlier this year when one of the office favorites, The National, came out with a live version of one of the most listened to albums in the office over the last 8 years - Boxer. The album was recorded in November 2017 at Forest National to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the the original album's release. Check it out if you haven’t already. To be honest, we'd recommend any album they've ever produced - their music is the soundtrack for much of what we do!


nc Unsung

Our first installment of nc Unsung highlights one of our favorite places to eat! Located just off Capital Boulevard at the intersection with Hodges Street, Don Beto El Poblano is a food truck that serves very affordable, authentic tacos, tortas, sopes, and quesadillas. They have a full range of snacks and drinks to compliment this delicious fare, and are open from 7:00 am - 8:30 pm, six days a week. Best of all, they have spectacular breakfast tacos! Lines at lunch can get pretty long, so we’d recommend an early morning, early lunch, or late evening stop. Located less than five minutes from our studio, this undercover spot is becoming a haunt for everyone in our office!

Readings on Race is now live! Though still under development, this site will eventually allow participants to RSVP, view past and upcoming events, and contact event organizers with questions and comments. Thanks to Olivia at Moogie for getting us set up! The next readings on race book club meeting is 08 23 18 at 7:00 pm and will focus on Nobody by Marc Lamont HillFirst Baptist Church has generously offered us the use of their space again, and we’re thrilled to be able to meet in an institution with such a rich racial historySo & So Books is offering Nobody at a 15% discount. E-mail with questions and RSVP here.

Please contact us if there is any way we can help you. 


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