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03 04 19:  We just received an AIA Triangle Merit Award for Church on Morgan!

04 14 19:  We just swept the housing awards at the AIA South Atlantic Regional Design Awards, receiving three Honor Awards for the Corbett Residence, the Ocotea Renovation, and The Ten at South Person!

04 25 19:  Erin and Matt served on two-days of fifth-year juries at Mississippi State University.

06 10 19:  The NCMA Museum Park Visitor Center is out for bids!

06 21 19:  We are kicking off a monthly event at our office called Friday Morning Serial. Our first guest speaker is Dr. Adam Terando.  Please join us!

09 26 19:  Matt will be delivering a keynote talk at the 2019 AIA Iowa Convention!

10 11 19:  We just received an AIA NC 2019 Merit Award for the Kimball Residence, and Erin was awarded the 2019 AIA NC William H. Deitrick Service Medal!

10 18 19:  We are having our fourth Friday Morning Serial.  This month's speaker is photographer Art Howard.  Please join us!

10 26 19: The Kimball Residence and Stimmel Residence will be on this year's AIA Triangle Tour of Residential Architecture. Get your tickets here.

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2019 AIA NC Merit Award Kimball Residence

2019 AIA NC Wliiam H. Deitrick Service Medal Erin Sterling Lewis

2019 Walter Magazine Trull Residence Home and Garden Issue Cover Story

2019 AIA Iowa Convention Keynote lecture titled "Made, Modern, Make Believe"

2019 AIA Triangle Residential Architecture Tour Kimball Residence

2019 AIA Triangle Residential Architecture Tour Stimmel Residence

2019 AIA South Atlantic Honor Award Ocotea Renovation

2019 AIA South Atlantic Honor Award The Ten at South Person

2019 AIA South Atlantic Honor Award Corbett Residence

2019 Modapalooza Tour Stimmel Residence

2019 Modapalooza Tour Yamato Philbeck Residence

2019 AIA Triangle Merit Award Church on Morgan

2019 NCMH Our State Tour Stimmel Residence

2019 Home Design and Decor Nolintha Residence Cover Story in February/March Issue

2019 AIA National Small Projects Awards Jury Matthew Henning Griffith


2018 AIA Mississippi Celebrates Architecture Feature lecture titled "Made, Modern, Make Believe"

2018 AIA East Tennessee Design Feed Presentation titled "Made, Modern, Make Believe"

2018 AIA NC Merit Award Nolintha Residence

2018 AIA Arkansas State Convention Featured speakers - presentation titled "Made, Modern, Make Believe"

2018 Architecture and Design Network Presentation titled "Made, Modern, Make Believe"

2018 Modapalooza Tour Kimball Residence

2018 AIA Triangle Merit Award Taylor Residence

2018 Midtown Magazine Moura Residence featured in the March/April issue

2018 AIA National Young Architects Award Erin Sterling Lewis


2017 Atomic Ranch Design Issue Ocotea Renovation

2017 AIA Charlotte Honor Award Taylor Residence

2017 AIA NC Honor Award Ocotea Renovation

2017 AIA NC Merit Award Jubala Coffee Hillsborough

2017 AIA NC Merit Award Taylor Residence

2017 Modapalooza Tour Moura Residence

2017 AIA Winston-Salem Presentation on in situ studio

2017 AIA Triangle Residential Architecture Tour Medlin Residence

2017 Modapalooza Tour Ocotea Renovation

2017 Modapalooza Tour Medlin Residence

2017 AIA Triangle Merit Award Corbett Residence

2017 Phaidon Press Corbett Residence included in book titled Black: Architecture in Monochrome

2017 Architectural League of New York Emerging Voices Long List


2016 AIA NC Honor Award Corbett Residence

2016 AIA NC Merit Award Church on Morgan

2016 AIA NC Merit Award Medlin Residence

2016 AIA NC Merit Award The Ten at South Person

2016 AIA Triangle Residential Architecture Tour The Ten at South Person

2016 NCMH Charlotte Tour Taylor Residence

2016 City of Raleigh Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Community Appearance The Ten at South Person

2016 City of Raleigh Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Historic Preservation/Rehabilitation Church on Morgan

2016 George Matsumoto Prize Corbett Residence, 2nd Prize, Jury

2016 George Matsumoto Prize Medlin Residence, 3rd Prize, Jury

2016 AIA Asheville Presentation on in situ studio

2016 Design Corps Structures For Inclusion Participants on Activist Architecture Firm Panel


2015 AIA Triangle & NCSU School of Architecture Lecture Series Friday Forum: Can Design Address Homelessness?

2015 AIA NC Merit Award Clark Court

2015 AIA NC Merit Award Stoneridge

2015 George Matsumoto Prize Clark Court, 3rd Prize, Jury

2015 AIA Triangle Honor Award a house named Fred

2015 Drawing From Practice: Architects and the Meaning of Freehand Book Feature by J. Michael Welton

2015 Mississippi State University CAAD NOMAS Symposium Featured Speakers

2015 Dwell Magazine Clark Court featured in the May issue: The New American House


2014 AIA NC Honor Award Farmhouse

2014 AIA NC Honor Award a house named Fred

2014 AIA NC Merit Award Chasen Residence

2014 AIA Triangle Residential Architecture Tour Chasen Residence


2013 George Matsumoto Prize Chasen Residence, 2nd Prize, Jury

2013 George Matsumoto Prize Chasen Residence, 2nd Prize, People's Choice

2013 Modapalooza Tour Chasen Residence

2013 AIA Georgia Presentation on in situ studio

2013 Virginia Tech IDEAS Forum Presentation on in situ studio

2013 Modern Atlanta Tour Stoneridge Residence and Chasen Residence

2013 City of Raleigh Environmental Award for Green Design Chasen Residence


2012 AIA Triangle Residential Architecture Tour Stoneridge Residence

2012 Honorable Mention HOME Competition with David Hill AIA

2012 Honorable Mention ReSpace Competition Nicole Alvarez and Jeremy Leonard

2012 Residential Architect's 15 Young Firms to Watch

2012 AIA Winston-Salem Presentation on in situ studio


2011 Honorable Mention Mobile School for Burmese Refugees with Matt Weiss and David Hill AIA

2011 AIA Triangle & NCSU School of Architecture Lecture Series Local Practicioners Panel